The running thread

Running is taking over the world again. I’m pretty sure charlie 7pm project man will be running to work soon, if he isn’t already.

I love to run for lots of reasons. Here is a first one

  1. It takes only as much time and gear as you like.

Anyone else love it? What sort of running do you do? Where do you run? What gear do you like?

I wont be embarrassed if this doesn’t take off.

Im a fan, like cycling i find it relaxes me mentally.

Have only recently tried to increase, nothing too serious, just 4-6km runs depending on how my legs are feeling, usually 2-3 times a week. Looking to up it slowly.

I find it also is the most effective for me in terms of weight loss.

Just a loop around my area i map out on google maps, having to put two little ones to sleep my runs are usually late night ones.

Avg speed is only about 10km/h, so nothing crazy, but enough for me to break a good sweat.

Gear wise, im a fan of compression gear, both during and post run. currently running skins A400s, shorts, and either a tshirt or hoodie depending on weather. Got a nike pack that came with a scully and gloves which is really nice during winter.

Have always ran in asiscs, last 3 pairs have been asics, DS trainers, and some older GTs. Kayanos arches were too high for me.

I tried my brothers Free Runs and they were surprisingly ok, so might give them a whirl next.

I have just started back back running again and spoke to a good friend and kick ass runner,
He asked me why and i said fitness and training for the days i cant ride.

He told me running a 3-4 times a week will take 10-15% out of my cycling legs so now im gutted, I like running but not enough for it to start to affect my cycling.
Asics are also my shoe of choice i just got some of these

I hate running. I hated running warm up laps at footy or soccer training and besides, it’s what triathletes do, so there’s one very good reason to never do it.

Why would you run when you can ride?

I was going to post something similar in the BNE section… Just started playing soccer and running again after a few years off because of injury. Going out 3 times a week during lunch at work currently. Just trying to build up stamina/endurance for soccer.

Usually i’ll do loops around the botanical gardens or repeats of the bastard stair cases at KP cliffs.

As for gear, nothing special here. Nike free runners and skins shorts are the highlight.

My dad was a sprinter. He got a scholarship to Uni high from Footscray high for his 100 yeard sprint in the 50s. He was about a second off the WR at the time.

Safe to say i didn’t inherit his ability. Last time i ran i had shin splints for days.

Love running. Ran competitively through high school then lost interest/didn’t have time once I got to Uni. Picked it up again while in London about five/six years ago, probably because I didn’t have a skateboard to distract me!

Ran the Melbourne Marathon in 2010, great experience, hope to do another one day. Finished in 3:07.

Haven’t ran all that much lately, but thinking about doing the Melbourne Marathon 10k later in the year - thought I better try to get a 10k under 40mins before I get too old!

Got the fastest time around The Tan in my office late last year, 14:05 - what can others do?

Currently run in a pair of Brooks. Just went to Active Feet who do an analysis of your running then give you a few options - they were my favourite of the choices. I’ve never been brand orientated with my running shoes, just go with whatever feels good.

Yeah I am the same but as soon as there is a ball involved I’ll run all day for soccer/cricket/touch etc

running can be enjoyable.

running out of nutella is never enjoyable.

fkn lolz!!

i can’t run. i hate it anyway, so having no ACL in my left knee gives me a legit excuse to NEVER do it.

Was running a lot in 2008/2009. Started out with just 4km runs around the block near home, then started running the tan at lunch with a workmate. Did that a couple times a week for several months and i made the mistake of ramping up the distance in a really short time. I did a few longer (10km+) runs on a weekend and then decided to start running to work which was just over 16kms at the time. I kept doing the twice weekly tan runs and ran to work on fridays. Esentially i went from doing 14kms a week to 30kms a week in about 1 month.

After a couple months i got severe itb problems which havent gone away:( I can do about 3 to 4kms now and i can feel the itb starting to hurt. It doesn’t occur when riding so i’ve basically given up running. My advice is to take it slow & if you start getting pains, take it easy and dont ignore it
Using asics 2160’s (did an eval thing at active feet in camberwell)


50kms a week on average, 20+ races a year with cross country races and a couple of marathons most years.

Sometimes I even find the time to ride a bike. Commuting has been pretty much 50/50 ride & run with the current 8km trip.

Barefoot running is the Fixie of the running world.

For anyone looking for comfortable all conditions shoes, Salomon trail runners are awesome.
I used them last year for the oxfam 100 and they were fantastic. Great training shoe as well.

I’m trying this new fad called uh, jogging. I believe it’s jogging or yogging. it might be a soft j. I’m not sure but apparently you just run for an extended period of time. It’s supposed to be wild.

I hate running, although I’m pretty fucking fast over about 30 metres.

I beach run a couple of times a week. I have a love-hate relationship with it. Mostly hate.

No shit.

always hated running but now only having a short commute, and being time poor, has meant i’ve been dabbling recently.

can now cover 10km pretty comfortably and am considering committing to the half marathon in july at run melbourne.

seeing a good mate finish the melbourne ironman last weekend was a fair inspiration - a lazy marathon after a 1.9km swim (shortened due to bad weather) and 180km ride…respect.

I was pretty good to about 90 feet (a basketball court). That’s about the extent of my running. And its getting so I can’t really just ‘run’ now, hence why I ride.

I’d love to do a half marathon, just once.