The Skateboarding Thread

This guy is a genius
YouTube - almir jusovic … skateboarding- to ni hec 2009

holy shit thats incredible. especially from 4:40 to 5:02. how did you find this?

I trawl a lot!

damn that dude loves his rocket air style, in 20 something years of skating i’ve never seen anything like that.

I liked these

fuck i do not like that circus clown style of skateboarding at all…

In another (altogether more zen) vein… this and this.

Skateboarding at it’s worst…

i haven’t clicked. am i safe to assume this isn’t wheels of fire or hocus pocus.

Filling this thread up with real skateboarding, and starting off with Mr Dane Burman.

Dane Burman - Strange World
YouTube - Dane Burman [Zero Strange World]

Jason Dill in Mosaic.
YouTube - Jason Dill - Habitat - Mosaic

Jim Greco - Baker2g.
I have this on VHS at mum and dads. It has been watched that much that the quality is pretty much as you see it on youtube.
YouTube - Jim Greco Baker2g

^^^ 1.41

This is skateboarding at its best.

Stevie Williams - DC video.
YouTube - The DC Video - Stevie Williams

25seconds - probably best trick ever. I remember when I first saw this and going insane over it!!!

AVE - Mind Field.

The whole of Mind Field minus Mike Taylor, Steve Berra and Rob Dyrdek is amazing.

Some would argue his photosynthesis part was better.
YouTube - Jason Dill - Alien Workshop Photosynthesis
The stair walk line is pure Dill.

Shit…I’m sorry with my first post. I got it wrong AGAIN!!

Can someone post that Richie Jackson vid? Where he double-tailslides down the escalators.

Im psyched on anything Dill puts out.
We need some Gino on here! I’d do it myself but youtube is blocked here at work.