The Skateboarding Thread

Well one is Skater Nerdery and the other is Bike Riding Skater Nerdery. Two very different things.

I hadn’t seen that interview yet so the research assignment I was working on is now out the window.

Considering getting a wider Tired deck (9.25") I spotted in Tokyo. What trucks are you guys using for the wider boards? I haven’t ridden anything over 8.5" since forever™. I don’t really want to have to buy new trucks as well.

I’ve been using Thunder 149ers. The axle on those measures 8.5" from tip to tip. Same for Indy 149’s. Both of those would suit fine. You’d only have about 3/8" overhang on either side and that’s on the widest point of the board and if you went up to 159’s your axles would sit too far out at the rear of the board.

I also have a set of Indy 149’s kicking around if you need enabling.

Well I blew all my money at Blue Lug today, so no new deck for me.

That is a far superior use of funds.

nickj just sent me this.

why they didn’t film a trick in front of the moon is beyond me, but it’s a rad little video.

fuck i wish i could still skate, seriously.

Fuck that was good.

For Mr Vibes…

Vans “Propeller” is pretty amazing.

No Dill part though?

I think Don Dill has now progressed into a more statesman like role within skateboarding.


Yeah Right! is so good. as is MJ. nice one gypo.

Ed Templeton podcast!-podcast


Todays hall of meat is fucking scary.

Heard a few sound bites, is that the one about Muska flipping out and demanding his welcome to hell footage back?

Yeah. A lot of stuff was covered in Ed’s Epicly Later’d, but it’s still good.


Also, I like how the YouTube ad before the clip was Hungry Jacks grilling meat.

Fun times.
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