The small joys today thread (a bit of Yang for FoA Yin of late)

Passed a roadie on a climb on my pannier-laden commuter after he decided to filter past me at some traffic lights. Wasn’t pushing to pass either, just rolled on by him & his fancy cannondale. Always a good time.

SJ: Due to strange German race licence classes, I thought I had entered a higher class than what I was assigned to on Saturday. Was very surprised to find myself on the podium after already changing into civvies… Raced again on Sunday and got 5th. Not bad for early in the season.

SJ2: test driving e-assist Bullitt and Riese & Müller cargo bikes. Jen and I are sold on them and now just working out the finances and the setup.

Try an Omnium out if you can. I rate them way higher than a Bullitt unless you’re carrying >100kg. They do a STEPS version too.

Met Piled Higher, was a pleasant experience.

Thanks for the purchase and delivery service. Would purchase again 5*

Shitty shed pick

WP_20190501_18_18_34_Rich by PiledHigher, on Flickr

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Also note sneaky reference to The big thread of Kenevans

Massive joy + proud dad moment


Great stuff - I was thinking about this the other day and wondering where it got to.

The Bullitt would be for carrying the bub and her accessories, not so much boxes - thought that the lower centre of gravity of the bullitt would work better. Our local place does have omniums too so will check them out.

I have a fair bit of skin in this game. I bought a Bullitt oldmate came along. It was a great fun bike, but I only actually used it with a baby capsule strapped on a few times, and when the capsule was on there was pretty much no room for anything else. Once he was big enough to go in a kiddie seat, we got him around on a regular bike rather than the Bullitt. Then I sold the Bullitt and bought a Surly Big Dummy. That was a way better bike for my purposes. Vic on the back on the Yepp Maxi, and a full camping or shopping load on the sides. Way easier to ride too, much more like a normal bike.

Now I’ve moved to a hilly place so I sold the BD and got a Yuba Spicy Curry (I thought of converting the BD but it was such a great bike as it was and a conversion would’ve been an expensive way to make a great bike shit). It’s pretty excellent. It was outrageously expensive and I do wish it was steel - it just feels really stiff - but we use it every day. Vic bloody loves it, and our new one is almost old enough to give it a go. I reckon if I was in Berlin I’d be tempted to just strap the little baby on with an Ergobaby or something and ride a normal bike to start with. I would’ve done that here personally but I’m not the only decision maker.

Not long after I bought the Spicy Curry Surly announced the Big Easy; an electrified Big Dummy. I’m a bit gutted, because I reckon it’ll be a better bike than the Spicy Curry, but I’m not going to change now. It would be my pick though for long term utility and kiddie carrying. Bullitts are really fun bikes, and Omniums are also great (I’d pick an Omnium over a Bullitt), but yeah, once the load space is loaded with kid then you can’t carry much more, and they’re harder to ride, and they’re more cumbersome.

That’s what I reckon anyway.

I had a SJ buying a camera on Gumtree. First off, the camera was a bargain. Secondly, I rocked up to the house in a suburb that is quite new, the yard was turned into what I can only describe as a mini farm. Beehives, chickens, vegetables, fruit trees, herbs growing everywhere.

I knocked on the door and an older gentleman answered the door sporting a glorious and freshly waxed moustache - he invited me in and I commented on how much I loved their front garden… he quickly ushered me through the house and out the back where there were more fruit trees, a pizza oven, wicking beds etc. I told him I am aiming to do the same in my yard and we just got talking… eventually his wife came out for a bit of a chat as we moved back inside the house. The wife went to the oven and removed a freshly baked sourdough loaf from the oven, I told them that I have a loaf that is ready to bake as soon as I got home. We ended up chatting for over an hour.

I left with a camera, a jar of passata and home grown pears in a syrup.


So what you’re saying is you’ve found a portal to the future and just bought a camera off yourself.


Future me is awesome.

Lucky you got out of there. I was waiting for the wife to invite you over to the oven and ask you to look inside and see the loaves baking, before pushing you in. This was clearly the gingerbread house in the woods for EzyLee.

Equally, maybe it’s lucky you didn’t panic and push the wife into the oven. They might just be really nice people.

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Just be careful, Nutri-grain is a gateway cereal to Triathlons…

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Another small joy. Finished our Tasmania trip - Rode for a day in Derby (not enough at all) hung out with plenty of Wombats on Maria Island, had plenty of Tassie wines and met with WestCoastPete and Co in Launceston. East coast of Tassie was great.

You need to be careful in these situations: if the old couple are indeed Liam and Vee in the future, pushing either one into an oven could cause pretty big ramifications.

I think pushing your older self into the oven is generally ok, at least according to my understanding of time-travelling physics from a close study of Bill & Ted and Back to the Future.

It’s when your older self pushes your younger self into the overn that things get messy.

Good point, I got that totally wrong. Was a bit concerned about a Hodor/hold the door situation.

In our family we keep our sports very clearly separated.