The small joys today thread (a bit of Yang for FoA Yin of late)

On my way home tonight I saw a girl standing on one foot on a balance beam, juggling, in the dark.

(edit: I might have the Yin and Yang thing wrong way around)

Yesterday on the way home a jacked up four wheel drive drove across the divider and across the bike lane to jump a traffic queue. The motorbike cop right behind took offense.

Then a guy who’d just bought a cross bike asked for directions to Parramatta, so rode out there with him chatting the whole way.

Feels good man.

I had an encounter with one of those today at some traffic lights today. When he suggested I should pay rego I suggested he fit a gun rack as that would remove any doubt about his penis being very small.

The whole thing was being watched by the other drivers at the intersection and he was half leaning out the window yelling and frothing. All I could do was raise my little pinky and wave it around which made him even more incensed. He asked “do you want me to get out of the car” … I replied “sorry mate, I’m not like the other guys you usually pick up”.

At that point he exploded … thumping his wheel, dashboard and going ballistic. Other drivers, pedestrians and a whole bus of commuters were laughing at him. I’d already started on my bike on a different direction and he was in the middle lane, stuck and unable to follow me, holding up traffic and everyone was honking their horns at him to move on as he started arguing with them.

Made my day, although I did spend the last few km’s looking over my shoulder.

So halfway through working some drills today I asked my fencing coach if he still ever fences. He stopped, looked up, thought about it for a bit and said:

[i]“I haven’t fenced since 1978”

and I’m all like, ‘WHAAA?!’

Apparently when he ‘was about 24 or 25 in the Soviet Union’ his coach told him that he would never make the team, but that he could be the coach’s protégé. Which meant he had to make a decision between spending another 4 or 5 years fencing and then probably ‘being cut out forever’ or to start coaching instead.

He reckoned the 12 hours between the ultimatum and his decision to coach were ‘really, really bad’ and that ‘all night, I was tossing and turning’ but ever since then he’s apparently never missed fencing.

I asked him why that means he can’t fence, and he got really serious and basically explained that ‘once you are a coach, then you must never fence’ - the reason being that if you’re doing both, you undermine your coaching, and nobody respects your ability to coach properly if you still have a vested interest in winning bouts.

Then he said the only ‘fencing’ he does is to explain a point, or work a drill, but that’s it.

So we kept doing the drill we were working on, and suddenly he changed it up and threw in an unexpected parry, I reacted to it and (stupidly) tried to disengage it, at which point he quickly and almost robotically parried back the other way, almost ripping the blade out of my hand in the process. I tried for a third time to get through and he blocked that one as well (at an astonishing speed), at which point there was a loud bang and I realised he’d somehow managed to hit me in the middle of my mask - Then, with a little smile, he says

'okay, that was me fencing…

…but only so I can tell you off for trying to disengage that parry’

That brought a smile to my face, Chaz.

Great story, fencing sounds bad ass.
I remember many years ago walking into a family friends home, total eastern block style apartment, I can’t even remember where we were, maybe Germany, maybe Salisbury… memory escapes me. But I do remember a lot of Ukranian fencing things everywhere and a whole lot of world championship/olympic medals inside glass cabinets. Needless to say, I was a very well behaved kid that visit.

My manager and three of the four team leaders are away today.

I can FINALLY listen to music though headphones at work.


last night my ipod died on me.

i did whatever i could. it wasn’t coming back.

it’s been with me since 2006. it has all my music, even stuff i don’t listen to any more. i remember sitting in my friend’s basement one canadian summer, missing out on three or four consecutive sunny days just so i could put all my cds on it. since then i’ve used it to play quiet songs when i’m feeling romantic, loud songs when i’m angry and rowdy songs when i wanna rock the fuck out. sure, it’s just an ipod, but really, it’s what has brought me music for that last seven years.

i was kinda devastated.

but this morning it started working again. i’m not sure why.

but that was pretty good.

After today I only have Monday next week then I’m off to Phuket.
And I have fifty bucks worth of weed at home and World War Z on my memory stick.

I have a TOIL day today and Monday - 4 day week end…yes!!

Love me a bit of TOIL (such a good acronym).
Have a day off on Monday, got the Miyata1000 rolling on 45mm nomads with fender lines that will only make Blakey cringe rather than commit acts of physical violence, feelsgoodman.jpg

So of course today I had a brain fart when i pulled up to the same intersection and forgot to unclip before falling ever so slowly on my side. No harm done, except for red face moment. I chose not to make an eye contact with anyone and rode away feeling oike such a noob.

yin and yang I guess.

I’ve got one on Monday, i think Ill be Toiling away on a bike in the 25 degree sunshine

Saw a bunch of baby swans this morning on my ride, rode through kings park on the firm crust of sand while admiring the sea of wild flowers. As I got to work, it bucketed down. I feel very grateful for life this morning and hopefully positivity continues for my PET scan later today.

Sick Burn

spizza’s story = my small joy

Just watch this.


Just wrapped my own bartape for the first time without any fuckups.

I had a nice lunch with my wife (salt and pepper squid and curry chicken) and a topped it off with a Brooklyn Lager.