The Snow Thread


So, seems like there are a few snow bandits around… could be a useful thread for getting info n talking smack.

I have no experience with Japan at all, don’t know the language… don’t really know much about the culture. About 8 months ago I booked a trip for a week at Hakuba, with a week in Tokyo.

If anyone has any advice for either of these places. Holla.



or for posting shit that gets you all amped to hit the snow.

like this…




The one time i went skiing i nearly broke my coxic (how do you spell that?) and swore never to go again. Too expensive anyway. And that is the end of my contribution to this thread.




i fell so hard on my arse once i seriously thought i was going to shit myself. halfway up a mountain that would’ve been most unpleasant. that is the benchmark for the most painful stack i’ve had. i’ve given myself mild concussion too, but i’m sure are plenty of others that have done much, much worse.

expensive yes, but when you look up whilst hammering down a mountain and fully appreciate and absorb where you are there is no greater feeling (that i have found). i compare it to bombing a hill on a skateboard (or a bike i suppose) but without the grimy alleyways or crazy drivers, and if you fall and the snow’s soft enough it usually doesn’t hurt!!

one of these days i’ll climb a really big mountain on a bicycle and no doubt the descent will feel just as good.



Days like this make it all worthwhile… I’m the git in the blue jacket.

YouTube - Perisher Snow Day



nothing like boarding on a perfect sunny day like that. was your mate riding switch when you guys swapped the camera?

my new camera (canon s95) has HD video, i’m hoping to get plenty of footage. maybe i can post it on a snowboarding forum with the title “check out my epic boarding skillzzzz” for a laugh!



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stacks video was so much cooler.

booked tickets to queenstown the other day. staying across the road from fergburger even.
pretty sure that guy is my uncle…



Furgburger is the business, was there about 4 years ago. I love Queenstown… Oh, head down to Patagonia’s for some awesome chilli hot chocolate. A Good club is Subculture if you are up for clubbing (drum and bass, they had a skate ramp in there when I was there… can be hard to find), or skybar for more cocktails n stuff.




(i don’t know you so don’t take this personally, this is just general advice…) My advice is don’t be a dumb aussie bogan. You’ll see plenty of them over there and, apart from acting like their favourite AFL players at schoolies, they’ll all hang out at the same big aussie hangouts and miss out on what makes Japan so cool. Make an effort to talk to the locals (on the mountain and off), check out some of the smaller food places and night spots and soak up all the things that make Japan so different from Australia. Japanese people are generally very polite and will show respect if you show it to them, rather than being loud and condescending to them. Language barrier is not a problem if you’re friendly and make an effort - you’ll meet some rad dudes if you want to.

Also powder! Lean back and go fast!



My favourites (in order)
France: Tignes
Austria: Anton & Kitz (both of them), Zell, Gastein, S’bach
US: Jacksons Hole, Breckenridge
Japan: Rusutsu
NZ: Treble Cone & Coronet
Aus: Falls



Good point, and that should go for any traveller. The good news is, I don’t consider myself a bogan… I don’t get heavily boozed and get loud and obnoxious. Because I haven’t been there before and know little about Japanese culture, I am keen to get to know as much as I can. I love watching how food is prepared as much as eating it so I am really keen to get out in to the little alley ways and track some fresh street food down.

Whilst in Tokyo, I am staying in Shibuya if that helps for any advice!



One of the most memorable nights in Hakuba was when we met a bunch of Japanese engineers from a car company on a weekender - they drank hard and kept ordering jugs of sake for the table and we told each other our life stories using sign language and broken english/japanese. It was awesome!



^i’m pretty sure my american mate has evil plans to provide multiple examples of how cheap booze is in the states…



Awesome! I have never drank Sake before. Is it served warm? How did you find the onsens? Any recommendations for better ones in Hakuba?
The vending machine thing is going to have me intrigued, I have told everyone that all their presents will be bought from them. I will see what I can find…



is there anyway to prepare yourself for a ski trip so you’re not totally shit at it once there? i’m going skiing for the first time in july and i don’t want to waste most of the trip falling over and feeling dejected.



are you? where you going?

i’m sorry to disappoint you but you will most likely spend a lot of time falling on your arse. get lessons, they’re worth it.

or tell me where you’re going and i might teach you!!

edit - just realised that if you’re skiing i will be absolutely useless at teaching you anything!!



Get lessons and perserve, fitness helps, I find that I bounce back well due to all my other sport during the year, more skiing because you aren;t tired means more learning.

I’ve gone from a useless one time only skiier to all over the mountain in around 5 seasons and only about 11 weeks skiing. That’s what having a gf who skiied since 5years old will do for you!

I’m also heading to Japan in feb for the first time so interested in any tips there.



Don’t know about preparation. But pay the extra few bucks to get the better quality boots and skis. Mostly for the boots. Blisters and sore feet will stop you quicker than falling over will.

Get decent gloves too - Cold hands really suck.

And for fucks sake - DO NOT WEAR COTTON ANYTHING. Even under your parka/pants. If it gets wet you’ll freeze your ass off. That means polypro or wool shirts and pants. No cotton undies. No cotton socks.



Okay a good bit of advice I can offer for Japan that I have picked up:

When you arrive and you aren’t heading directly to the snow fields, Why drag your luggage around from the Airport, or around the crowded cities? Get your snow gear transported via luggage couriers. The guys that I are using are called ‘black cat’ Apparently it is quick, reliable and easy to do. Just look for the “black cat” counter at the airport leave your luggage there and it will delivered to the door of where you are staying. You can also get black cat to drop the items off at the airport for you, so again. You don’t need to lug everything around. The turnaround time to and from all Airports is 48 hours and from most major cities in Honshu is only 24 hours.

As for learning to board/ski:
Yup, lessons are a must! And if you aren’t active off the bike, then start… lunges, squats, push ups. That sort of stuff helps you to be able to smash yourself day after day. Also, take it slow… don’t do full days if you are spending a huge time over there. Even if you do get good, it does take a toll. I have 7 days on snow, but I only plan on boarding for 6. Taking a day off in the middle and soaking at the onsens.