The "what Kipling left out of 'If' thread

[FONT=inherit]I’ll start.

When Kipling penned “If”, I think he left out:

“…If you can have the persistence and tenacity of clover, in a brand new Buffalo lawn….”

in before this turns into a lawn mower thread, smuglord and i have been having discussions

Stihl RMA 510 and two AP300 batteries did my acre out at Gembrook the other day with power to spare for whipper snipper and blower.

You getting a goat?

More scythe talk again please,

NJS scythe?

If my lawn was more grassy and less rocky/branchy I’d have fallen down the scythe rabbit hole long ago.

I don’t even believe lawns should exist and I feel drawn to scythes. They’re totally the lawn care equivalent to a brakeless steel track bike. I should start a custom American made scythe Kickstarter right now and then report myself to the ‘hate on industrial designers’ thread

hahahahah, lawn lust is so strange. I have been watching in wonder as the blokes spent about three months re-turfing that oval on Moreland rd. It is so flat now, amazing.

“… if you can start an internet thread and not get upset when it gets turned into an expose on lawns and scythes”

I’m with you there, I let most of mine go wild, had a huge field of purple pennyroyal last season that I’m hoping will come back again.

American? Blades or snaths? Surely Italian blades and Canadian Snaths! (or are you restoring a vintage scythie with period correct hardware?)

Just going to leave this here


fuck me

nah im a firm believer in lawns. they’re like zen sand gardens, but green and less easy to unfuck up. i proudly had the best lawn in my street until winter and dog happened, it’s looking rather shit atm.

holy shit

Scythe forums: scythes Forum at permies

I’m amused by the low average join date of posters in this thread. All og trendsetters I guess

Am a bit chuffed that rogaine (not the hair stuff) has made a cameo.

It just shows the progression of FOA hobbies. The oldies are now scythe-level nerds. I’m stuck at big tubeless tyres and coffee level, have some catching up to do apparently.

The comments on this are great