the wheel deal

I want to bid on some wheelzz but pick up only in Melbs…somewhere. Communication is not the sellers strongpoint it would seem.
Long shot, but is anyone in Melbs willing to possibly pick up and hold a set of wheels for me pending pick up in about 3 weeks?
I’ll be over for Roobaix and happy to offer compensation ( bluntz, beer, food, etc.)

any idea where abouts in melbourne? id be happy to

Seller seems to be maintaining strict radio silence, lest his location be discovered by the CX resistance.

Also happy to pick up and hold onto it for ya as long as it’s not hours away.

Same, but I’m close to /\ anyway.

Ditto, I can cover south or south east if nec.

It’s not worth bothering buying anything from people who couldn’t or don’t give a fuck. It means if there is a problem it’s gonna be even harder to sort out later (once he has our money). No used wheels are worth that.

At ease gentlemen.
I missed by 1 dorrah! Not even an auto bid!
I put a fairly low (<100) offer to compensate for potential (Spirito predicted) problems. meh. There will be more next week…and the week after that.

Or I could just calc the spokes and build up the wheels you have the bits for :wink:
Job for the morrow.

You could help me do it. Sapim said 286/287.
I have the spokes now, just not the time…and everything is presently coated in plaster dust due to kitchen reno’s.
Want to lace up all wheels and then tru 'em all at once. I’ve laced 1 so far.