The White Bike

Where are you working? You the bloke dropping billing docs? Seen this bike a coupla times…

nah, couldn’t be, he’s wearin a white tee

You’re jeans need to be skinnier if a ya wanta model a fixer.

Yeah pip i do the docs, i work for bonds/gardners. Curious to see if anyone in sydney works for bonds too, apparently they have a few bike couriers…

We need a FOA man model calendar for next year.

JLN for the cover…he’s an experienced model in aussie fixed circles and has even had international exposure!

Hmm, does anyone have any experience in calendar making though?

^ I thought everyone here was a graphic designer?

or architect.

Then we definitely won’t get a calendar done…

…or if we do it will cost too much and be six months too late.

and the design will be outdated before it’s completed.

Or so far ahead of its time nobody will understand it.

The calender makers will be angry at the designers because it will have been designed with no actual thought about it’s construction…

any ideas of what this bike needs?

As previously mentioned… Foot retention!, and remove the rear brake, unless your pussying around as a single speed???

i am pussying around as a SS, im a bike messenger & riding fixed all day every day could end up in death i think.

That’s GOLD ,Thanks for my new sig!

Lols. When I build up a Fg I’ll take you out and teach you how to do skids, then we can take both your brakes off.
And unless you’re Christian, you’ll be fine (he crashed my bianchi pista the first day I let him borrow it)

Yep. That’s hilarious.

This thread has been informative on many levels. Not knowing about TheFixFixFix has been holding my training back! So many top training tips on be gleaned from that site. For instance:

“Monika takes shelter from the cold Chicago winter to ride the trainer”

That’s what my indoor trainer sessions have been missing! A purple leotard and stillettos heels. Look-out summer track season!

Probably because you have no foot retention and only one brake…