The White Bike

couldn’t find an into thread so i thought id post here,

this is just a work bike that my mate christian built for me:

& this is it lately

Use it daily to deliver shit & cant complain, gonna try and get to some events since ive given up the car addiction/obsession.

sweet fixie bro!


why is this thread called “the abortion”?

It’s not anymore.

i preferred ‘the abortion’

Christian looks soooo Hampton park in that photo haha.
Show the photo with the sticker!

the names brett

Also, foot retention, moar stickers, etc… :stuck_out_tongue:


im quite set on forever running these old white bmx pedals, they increase downforce

foot retention increases up force:) and where do I sign up for the Bike walking club?

the club is open to anyone with too much money, sign up’s are generally held around the smith st area

I didn’t know there was a male version of thefixfixfix.

^ elohel

There totally should be though.
Would probs look at it more than the female one, eww.

no homo thats my natural pose lol

Ha too funny…

Nice bike dude, the visps are good value for the money.

im happy with the frame, its super light

Lighter than your old MTB? Lol