The winners of NAHBS

NAHBS | 2011 | North American Handmade Bicycle Show | 2011 NAHBS Awards – The Winners | #NAHBS

some amazing bikes on show here.

just wait for blakeys pics… dr00l at what i’ve seen so far

Austin 2011 - a set on Flickr

Erik rules:

Erik from Peacock Groove is the man. by ah_blake, on Flickr

I wanted to get the same shot the next day with him in his wife beater. Dude is awesome.

Dale Brown mentioned something about those guys being a lot of fun … can you fill in the blanks? He looks like a character.

He’s “unique”. Builds some crazy stuff, doesn’t adhere to ‘tradition’, like his TIG’d MAX roadie with SR11 and discs and Motorhead lyrics on it.

One minute he’s wearing a suit, doing Dario poses for me, then he’s brushing his hair into an emo fringe for another guy. The next day he’s in a wife beater and being used for all the trivia questions between the awards at the prize ceremony.

All around rad dude.

Pretty funny interview with Dario Pegoretti:

YouTube - NAHBS 2011 - Dario Pegoretti

That’s my man Hollywood … he’s done me proud :wink:

I’m here with Dario Pegorinni or whatever…

can someone explain how a fucktarded unride-able bike wins people’s choice award?

No surprise - most people don’t know shit, group their opinion/ideas together and you have …

Those interviews were great. Check out the Moth Attack one for advice on framebuilding with “women’s problems”

oh man that interview was classic. when he starts licking the foam out of his cup…too much!

Funny … I was just chatting to Mrs. Spirito “should I ask Hollywood to show Blakey 'round LA?”

I’ll let him know you’re coming to his neck of the woods next week. Me thinks you should interview him for !!!