Third build - cinelli

Hey there everyone,this is my third build,so far very fun
/55cm Cinelli Mash
/Thomson seat post/stem
/Sugino Mighty Comps
/MKS peddles+cages
/cheap drops wrapped in Newbaums cotton tape
/rear deep V
/front wheel borrowing off a mate till i can afford a new one

+thanks to Erik at GEAR for all his help
+joined these forums to meet friends to ride with,ill be sure to make it to more events


Awesome. Got any pics?

i posted one with my description i thought?
posted the url between the [ IMG ] tags and closing tags [/ IMG ]. - all i can see on my screen is a broken link that when clicked,redirects to my flickr where its sourced from?
I read the thread about how to post images and went to the MODS suggested file sharing site,would not let me upload via that site,so i thought the redirect would be sufficient.I shall try again

very nice mate
Link some how works but not as a photo

I use Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket never had a problem and it’s very easy to use

thanks daniel,i also have a photobucket,tried several times to upload to PB and kept saying there was an error,even with a file that was frustrated and just uploaded to flickr with a larger file and tried to post here,but no success.

+thanks LukeR for posting direct link

Just copy the image URL from Flickr and then paste it between on here and voila.

thanks mate

You linked it to the flickr page, not the actual image.

Above the pic on the flickr page it says ‘share this’. Click that, then ‘grab the html/bbcode’ then click the BBCode radio button, then copy the code from the window and paste into your post.

et voila

Third Build by samm Thorpe, on Flickr

Touche, Blakey.

thanks for the help guys,appreciate it