This guy is nuts!!!

video is totally worth of your attention. some dude appears to have strapped razor scooters and rollerblades all over his body and luges down a mountain road, overtaking motorbikes.

he looks like a transformer :mrgreen:

and looks fake to me when he corners.

looks pretty real to me, but I guess it could be fake. Still pretty awesome

Assuming it is real, i wonder how fast he was going? It looked like he was picking up some serious speed down the mountains, though when he was passing that motorbike/scooter, it didn’t look like it was going that quick.

Seems to be real … some guy called Jean-Yves Blondeau invented the Buggy Rollin suit allowing you to roll in pretty much any direction :-o

heaps more clips here

I’m love really enjoying the music, it’s like a combination of 80s euro trash and muse.

This is awesome. It’s such a stupid idea but he’s really mastered it so props to that. It’s like he’s from the future, if 1980 is the future. He is Robocop.

Just imagine the adrenaline rush doing that. If thats real, major props too the guy doing it, he has some serious balls.

some of the cornering looks a bit strange because it’s high-speed footage that’s been slowed down a bit. because he’s moving so freaking fast. mental.

just read on his myspace that he’s designed a similar system for the snow, with multiple skis…

streetluge is for pussies… scrot luge is where its at !

What a dude!!

Haha totally.

But yeah, that dude is nuts.