This is SO rad.



Details here and more pics here.

What the hell happened to that guy’s crank in the linked pics?

currently scanning google earth* looking looking for a Melbourne equivalent.

*I’m a nerd, it’s what we do.

there isn’t one. maybe the sliding roof on telstra dome. but i don’t want to be a suspected terrorist. i think the southern cross station roof is corrugated iron. reminds me of the fiat factory roof from the italian job.

hmmm what about the Parkes Antenna in NSW?
The one they used in the movie The Dish…

Now that would be some serious fun!

My guess is the bottom bracket snapped. Happened to me once. Not really fun.

It’s a playground for the “Big” kids :slight_smile:,144.974382

or that hydroelectric pit in NSW that BMXers roadtrip to.

the “pothole” :sunglasses:

i have often thought about going back there, it was scary on 26" i can only imagine how it would be fixed :-o

i will try to find all my pics from my trip there, but im fairly sure they are stuck on my old hard drive that died :frowning:

on another note, if anyone is seriously thinking about going to it, swing me a line :wink:

getting on top of the big museum runway down in carlton would be fun

Yes hello Terrorirst Hotline? Yes i just saw bearded individuals get up on the Telstra Dome roof. Yes they were wearing funny hats. And riding bikes!

Those were hipsters madame.