This just looks wrong!!

Nice lugs…rubbish frame!!!

ewww, jesus thats ugly. It like looking at a really hot naked chick, then scrolling down and seeing its a dude

i see what you mean. that was a great way to describe it.
some people are just weird

It looks like it should be on a merry-go-round. And who mixes hand carved lugs with carbon spacers…? :?

There’s no accounting for taste. That thing just makes me sad for humanity.

I actually gasped, haha.

History can be useful sometimes.

The ‘Flying Gate’ was created around the same time and for much the same reasons that resulted in the Hetchins ‘Curly’, Thanet Silverlight, Bates Cantiflex frame (with Diadrant forks) and many others.

The public reason for the Flying Gate design was to allow supershort chainstays for better climbing. The actual reason was that photographs of sponsored amateurs couldn’t be published when they showed the frame makers name. The answer was to produce instantly recognisable frames for your rider to win with.

i’ve pinched out turds that were more aesthetically pleasing than that!

…and that phrase comes to mind when I look at the distorted, bloated-looking bikes that currently litter the bikeshop landscape. People still seem to like them. There are even people who like this, though it is as ugly as a hatfull of armpits.

Why would anybody think cyclists were different 50 years ago?

And for goodness sake, if you’re gonna use Look carbon spacers on a frame from 2000BC MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT UPSIDEDOWN.

I agree, it does look a little odd and the idea of the frame being better suited to climbing is really handy on the velodrome anyway…
I saw this as well, seen similar stuff b4, I kinda like it

Brakes = road, not velodrome.

There are plenty of variations on the standard diamond frame
Rigi twin seat tube
Sun Manx TT
Thanet Silverlight
Want more ? There are plenty of examples out there.

yes fair enough,

These bars aren’t wide enough for a brake… but he put one on anyway. :?

talk about jumping the shark with that guy.