This motherfucker's crazy!

Oh come on!

haha I was waiting for someone to post this… :slight_smile:

AND it isn’t even an Eddy Merckx- how the hell does that work?

Seriously, how much would it cost to spray a Reynolds frame orange, apply Cyclomondo decals, and chuck on some Super Record components?

This shit is getting out of control…

All this while my wheels sit there with no bids… :mrgreen:

That’s because you don’t suck them in starting at 99c.

And how much was that hifi you bought recently? I don’t like the sound of 99c starting bids! :evil:

Ha ha.

You just need to moniter and get people to ‘help’ you if things get tight.

Do you want my Zipp 303’s before I chuck them up? $1200 for you.

99c start is the way to go. as long as you’ve got a fair idea about what it will go for, and perhaps some friends on standby if needed. i typically have found 10-20% higher finishing prices.

yeah go 99c and we will all pay peanuts for your wheels

Strictly Cash on pick up or Bank Deposit only, please wait for instructions before paying.

COD for $10k? Imagination fills with cash in briefcases and sunglasses-wearing transactors

this $10k geared bike is almost as funny as the $7.5k crabon fixie on ebay


is this the same bike i saw a bunch of times on ebay about 6 months back? guess he didnt sell it then either

I think it might be but he wasn’t asking anything near 10k and it didn’t sell

He’s going down the ‘advertise it for rediculious price to gain exposure’ route.