This one's for you Sugarkane- Lightweight coat hanger!


Bike24 - Lightweight Carbon Clothes Hanger

don’t encourage him.

Is that what you do after they assplode?

79 Euros!? That’s more than my entire wheelset budget…

is it true this was hewn from Cav’s front wheel?

I don’t own any clothes of a suitable enough quality to do this hanger justice.

this is fucking retarded.


trigger, as much as i know you like spending money on fancy things, i know deep down inside you think this is retarded too

You must have me confused with someone more sensibible.

My closet only runs these.

can you get a 90mm version for pants? obviously this is for shirts. not you shirts, actual shirts.

I tried these after I had aluminium ones. They both just didn’t feel right.

Went back to steel.


I have some retro, wooden hangers that were built by an artisan in a village in Northern Italy.

Oh that’s good

i bought a pair of these for myself for christmas. finally got around to glueing up my shirts on wednesday, but they’re not very comfortable. i’m going back to regular hangers.

^^ and if you lose a button, you just ending throwing the whole shirt away

AKA … Ikea 4-pack for $2.95 and made by children in Pakistan.

Hahah it’s acutally quite nice!
Haters hate but really what the fuck else you gona do with a fucked lightweight? Or any carbon rim for that matter
I’m totally gona make coat hangers from any carbon rim I break!