I find it ridiculous that there is now a minimum 25 post to view the for sale section. I am not the most avid user however i do find my self browsing the for sale section every now and then. The fact that there is a 25 post minimum means i cannot do this :x …

Honestly it is now going to force me to post pointless responses until i reach 25… Mods should re-think this 25 post minimum!

I think it pisses me off more now because i am in the market for a new bike!!!


You’ll be banned.

Settle down.

Trust me.

what he said

No, it’s a shitty way to do it.

You could write a well put together argument to one of the mods asking really nicely if they would grant you trading access because you’ll return the favour with a sweet wristy. Seems to be the currency round here.

So you only come here for the sweet deals?

I wouldn’t grant you access.