THOMSON handlebars now available !

Thomson Handlebars

Carbon, Rizorz, Cross and Road.
Get on it!!

Well… after Sept 1st.

I find this a little strange, I thought Thomson’s whole bit was bomb proof alloy parts made in-house. And now they’re outsourcing carbon bars?

Shut up and take my money already!

I guess carbon is the future. But I’d really like to know what differentiates Thomson carbon bars from anyone else’s like Ritchey, 3T or Easton…


Will they be made in the U S of A? Isn’t that one of their things?

EDIT: oh, and Passion.

I found it odd Thomson said the bars would be made by a partner in Taiwan then brought back to the USA by 2015. Usually flows the other way. They have some pretty stiff competition in this area I would have to wonder why bother?

given that for a while their branded bike parts seemed to be just a side to their main business, maybe they’ve started making more carbon fibre stuff for other customers? at least this way their can potentially increase the utilisation of their equipment.

I’m very cynical about claims like this and also Made in Oz. I’ve worked at a place where everything was made in China, shipped here, we did the most simple of assembly and afixed a Made in Oz tag.

Not saying Thomson aren’t made in the USA but I’d like to see conclusive proof before I factor that into anything.

In addition I’d rather send my money to China. The USA has ruled the roost for long enough and they’ve fucked over enough people for the last 100 years or so. Now their empire is in decline and they are struggling with the idea of not being top dog anymore I’m happy to say so long fuckers.

In any case wh’s this thread in the PUB section?

Whilst I don’t have ‘conclusive proof’ that Thomson is all made in USA, I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t, they’ve built their whole bike brand around the fact. Which is why I find it strange that they’re now making handlebars in Taiwan (I realise Taiwan probably has better carbon manufacturing abilities than the USA, just find it a strange decision for the company in question.)

And, as mentioned above, the bike stuff isn’t their main business. The have a large workshop that manufactures parts for the aerospace industry. Manufacturing – LH Thomson –

why would you bother when Ritchey stuff is better.

because thompson is so legit they can guarantee that their new shit is better than ritchey 3t enve and every other company in the world that’s been producing crabon for 10+ years. thompson are just so fucking good they’re basically gods that will revulotionise the entire industry witht their non-ergonomic road bars.

it’s all in the FAQ:

Q – So why a Thomson carbon bar?
A – Our required tolerances and supervision of manufacturing are superior to what is available to you from other brands.

says it right there in plain fucken english that they’re bettter than erryone else so shut up and start pre-ordering cos if this handlebar doesn’t change your life then just fucken commit suicide or somtheing

They are busy buying up Green Cards to bring skilled, Taiwanese labour to the country.
This takes time and money.

That’s a big statement from Thomson! I’m guessing Enve or Ritchey might disagree on that…

Spirito for one would like to welcome our new Chinese overlords

Don’t you guys get it?! It’s ALL about ‘tolerences’.

Yeah I’m constantly annoyed how my Ritchey stem 31.8mm is 0.001mm too big!

3t ergonova for lyf.
But yeah enve is nice too.


There are very few occasions in history, especially in one lifetime, where a super power fades and a new dominant nation takes over. I feel the USA has dominated everything/everyone for far too long. I also welcome a change from western centric world.

Then again I’m also a cynic and can admit … plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.