those awful mission workshop videos

There’s almost more slow-mo in that video than a Michael Bay film!

Q. If you already have a black Gorilla frame, why the fuck do you need to go out and buy another one? WTF?!

How much do you reckon the actor cringes when he sees this ad. Filthy.

I held out until now, but I finally watched it (mistake #1). I really like their backpacks, but that video was pants.

Did you see the way he rode past Starbucks and gave them a disdainful look because he’s so anti corporate and only drinks fair trade?

Then I read the comments (mistake #2), and discovered that the music was F&TM, who up until now I only knew as someone featured on Cycling Tracks! Then I scrolled and lolled when I saw LAM’s comment.

Next up: bogans on bikes, a fixed gear themed video by me.
Wait for summer release. More hipster than this shit.