Those cartoons you barely remember from saturday mornings

What a ridiculously awesome combination of random elements.

Two of the cats are called Speedy Ceviche and Guido Anchovy. omg.

So good!

I had two episodes of this show (the video below) on VHS as a kid and I had to wait 25 years to get this on DVD last year.
The English version (I know now) is weird at best, but the Japanese is pretty fantastic. Leiji Matsumoto at his absolute best.


There was a single episode cartoon I saw when I was a kid that was set in Japan (?) and going on my vague recollection there was a person/child imprisoned whose only hope for freedom was if someone rang the town gong. When it seemed like all hope was lost a bird flew into the gong, killing itself. I think the child may have helped the bird earlier in the story. The only line I can remember was the child saying “who rang the gong?” after the bird flew into it. From memory it was a very dark cartoon – both visual and theme.

Anyway if anyone knows what it was called or where I can find it, that would be awesome, thanks.

Also, Gem (is truly outrageous.)


OT: Star Blazers



Fuck knows how I remember this. I’m assuming it was replayed multiple times seeing it came out a year before I was born.

And yeah, I loved MASK.


Robo Story

“…and remember, you are the lowest of the low.”

back in ~2000 I used to watch pokémon every morning before uni AND play pokémon Red (or was it Blue) on my gameboy on the train.
ahhh memories

didn’t have a TV in teh house till i was 12 and didn’t really watch broadcast TV as such until i was about 16 and bought my own TV

Can’t forget Danger mouse and Count Duckula.

I had no idea until muuuuuch later in life that what I knew as “Mighty Machine Men” were in fact, Go-Bots.

Dinoriders was another show I was hooked on…



Or Thundercats, Transformers & He-Man!

There will always be a place for Trap Door and Super Ted as well!

Marine Boy…Gold!


i still sing this theme during mindless moments

Roger Ramjet

I was always partial to La Linea, which was usually followed by aeiou



lineabike x boulietacks!

I almost forgot Ulysses! I never forgot this.


How about Hong Kong Phooey? I used to love that.