Those cartoons you barely remember from saturday mornings


I vaguely recall watching this when I was 7 or so



this is being shown on C31

Oh man, I remember watching that! What a banger of a song. Rhyming Ulysses with galaxies; genius.

Ulysses song still gets into my head every now and then. Forgot about the modular spaceship though, and that he was a ranga with a beard!

lol you guys old



My Video tags don’t work now and then. It’s Mask.

how’s your pokemon collection going James? caught all 150?

[video]Inspector Gadget Intro 1980's - YouTube

Go Go Gadget! I had a crush on Penny.


yeh dog

Who didn’t!?

G-Force. I used to LOVE this as a kid, would re-eact scenes with my friends in the streets.


I’m hooked on Cities of Gold on 31.
Also TMNT on 11 Sunday mornings.

I was a huge cartoon kid.
Pole Position
Denver the Last Dinosaur
Go- Bots

I still use a VHS player and have quite a few cartoons from that era.


i saw her first!!!

Man, Widget is like the opposite of Avatar.

Fuckin this. Except I remember everything up to like Boo saga clearly.


This was too deep.