Thoughts on The Raging Bull (JustRideIt)

you enjoyed it the last time.

Something something school yard humour crass jokes something something.

Imma ban rolly for mentioning his dick in the first place.

I don’t know what everyone’s talking about, it’s a great movie.

]ust punch i[

Raging Bullshit just punch it rolly dick mutha fuckah

lucky you didn’t read the shit I had to delete then.

I really hope the guy who posted this is actually from Just Ride it and is testieng the waters…

They do offer a spoked wheel, it is worse.
I’m sure it measures about 15mm internal and tyres pop off and tubes get pinch flats every day.
I now just tell people to take it back to the super rad fixay shop.

would buy

Gee I bet he feels shafted now

I see what you did there

He might even get the sack.

good to see you guys are on the ball

Always got my finger on the pulse

We should do a pole.

it’s nice to see that with roly away we don’t need a crotch to keep this place up.

Rolly is just the tip of the iceberg.

don’t be too premature here, 6 spokes is enough is generally enough to get the job done

Don’t be so hard-on him