Thoughts on The Raging Bull (JustRideIt)


I’m new to fixed gear and just hoping I could some view on JustRideIt (The Raging Bull). Good price for a first fixed gear?

Link: Raging Bull

Your suggestions please.


I’d rather punch myself in the dick.

You can do a lot, lot better for $700.

Go talk to nick @ Saint Cloud about getting a Fuji in that price range. You’ll get way better parts & less interest in pretty colours.

I have worked on enough of these to be able to say they are the worst bike on the market, not even worth $50

I’d rather punch rolly in the dick too.

yeah me too.

Burn it.

Then punch rolly in the dick.

far too many spokes. for that price JRI should be able to hack some of them out for you

Absolute steal. At that price, buy two. The resale price alone is set to skyrocket!

Best start to a monday ever.
Carry on.

And punch Rolly in teh Dick.

would rather pay $50 to puch rolly in the dick

If we listed “punch Rolly in the dick” on eBay it might be a decent fundraiser for FOA.

god dammit

bro, fuq da h8erz. Just Ride It are siqq. I can’t wait to save up and get 1 of these #freshtildeath whipz.


Those wheels are stupid, do not buy.

Do JRI offer normal 32H wheels??

i don’t ever want to touch roly’s dick, even with a closed fist.

maybe close it before touching ?

punch =/= touch. Interesting that you went there though, Brendan.

i’m interested in your definitional distinction here, horatio…

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