thread problem

I took my Alex G6000/formula hubs to the LBS a few days ago and they called up today saying there wasnt enough thread on the hub to get the sprocket and lockring on.

They said i can either go freewheeled or i will have to buy a new rear hub if i want to go fixed.

has anyone eles had this problem with these wheels?

Normal fixed/free formula hubs? No. Tell them to try another brand of cog. Or take it to another shop.

Yeah normal formula hubs, I’m a bit pissed off that for the price they said they would charge me for the new rear hub costs almost as much as the wheelset it’s self.

What brand cog have you got?

I had G6000’s and had a cog/lockring on there just fine, even a Sugino fixie/track system for some time as well and that was fine. get another sprocket/go to another LBS.

just got a quote from the bike shop, they said for a total wheel rebuild + new hub will cost me $230.
this cant be right?

it can depending on what the parts are, but since your wheelset was cheap as chips i would just get a cog off ebay and put it on yourself its not rocket science. unless the hub thread is damaged there will be enough thread to fit a cog and lockring on. i know because i bought that wheelset (and why would they sell thousands of hubs without sufficient thread).

ok so the cog i have at the moment is shit, cost like 8 bux off ebay, should i get a good quality cog? then it should be alright?

have you tried screwing it on yourself? do that and see if it fits. i think i have a cheapie on mine and if i remember correctly a formula lockring. as long as you can fit a lockring on without a gap between the cog and lockring you should be fine. remember to rotafix the cog so its on tight before you put the lockring on.

yeah I put the cog on really tight, mabye i should try some different lockrings first because the ones i bought were like 5 bux each

dura ace lockring is less than 20 bucks

Shimano Dura-Ace Track Cog Lockring 1.29-in. 24 tpi LH (eBay item 370458103526 end time 17-Feb-11 14:46:05 AEDST) : Sporting Goods

are you for serious? dude, get a decent cog and lockring. it’s not like its the most crucial part of a fixed gear drivetrain or anything!

and take your wheels to a different shop, it sounds like they’re trying to put one over on you

Get a decent cog, a decent lock ring and buy a tool (for the price of what your shop will charge you).
Then you can do it yourself… or get someone here to show you for the first time.

thanks guys, i went again today and they said that that wouldnt work and that the thread is two short even if i try different cogs.
so it will never work???

ffs, if its really that hard for you to work out give the bike store all your monies and they’ll get your sick fixie sorted out for you bro

Two people in this thread, one of them being me, have said that we have run cogs and lockrings on our Alex G6000 rims with no problem. There would be 3 or 4 other people i know running the same wheelset with no problems.


Go to another damn shop, buy a cog and lockring there, should get change from 30, and if they are nice enough they’ll fit it too.


alright. i was going to do that?
but thanks guys, u have been a huge help

Hey mate, I’m sure folks on this forum will fit your shit for beer.

i will fix shit for beer, but i dont have tools so ask someone else

I have tools and like beer. If gene wants to come drink that beer then he can come too.