Threaded to threadless stem..

Good idea?
I have some wooden bars that are too big to fit into stem without a faceplate, and i’ve looked around for a faceplated quill stem, but heaps are those adjustable ones or kinda ugly.
I was thinking about those threaded to threadless stems so i could have a big choice of faceplated stems.
anyone here used them?

Yeah they work ok.

Why wont the wooden bars fit in a normal quill stem? Are they risers or something?

probably 31.8 or too much bend spuddy

you’re after one of these?

Yer dem ones. 42 tho? I’ll see what ebay can produce.

there’s a non-nitto version of that kind of thing (Trans-X or similar brand) for about half the price of the nitto…shouldn’t be too hard to find in a bike shop.

PBK has some for cheap. And only $10 postage!

Yeah I’ve got that one.
Ahead adaptors work, but remember they are not as solid as a real threadless setup.

Yeah that’s kinda why I posted, how ‘solid’ are you talking?
Is this decision going to hurt me in future?

But it’s no less ‘solid’ than a quill stem, which is your only other alternative.

I would argue they actually feel worse than a quill stem- more linkages. Might just be me though.

Is this what we’ve all been waiting for?

Is it true, 31.8mm quill stem!?