threadless stem choice

currently running a 140mm thomson elite stem and finding I’m having to reach a bit far for my liking. Saw a couple of 80mm cinelli vai stems on wiggle for about $30 (not including postage) seems really cheap … are they shit?

No, theyre 80mm

well played

yep theyre crap. theyre much the same as a really crap stem you’d get for a fiver, just with ugly cinelli logs on them. are you sure you want to drop that much reach? 140 to 80 is a big jump.

can i have your 140mm?

Brendan - yeah no probs. I’ve actually got two (got sent me the wrong colour and then the guy I bought it off let me keep it and sent me a new one) one black one silver. If you want the black one, you’ll have to wait till I get a new stem though. Shouldn’t be too long.

a.davis - no, not certain but my back is pretty shit, so i figure the less I have to bend riding and skidding the better.

is it 1 and 1/8 steerer? 31.8 clamp?

ah, fuck, pm me your response.

anybody know of a nice steel ahead stem? nitto does a good one… any more with more angles to choose from>? …Salsa ones seem to have been recalled?

there’s a few. might get one myself.

try Darrell McCullough, he makes them to order

here’s a pic of mine :wink: :

thats puurrrty

is that on a llewellyn frame?

jeez cap’n, you got enough risers there?

Very nice no doubt CC, but the, gulp, price? :expressionless:

Old fat man with a creaky back :expressionless:
(the setup looks less silly in real life).