threadless stem

hey guys im building a fixie at the moment and looking for a good stem can anyone suggest a good brand, model or send us a link

L H Thomson.

To be honest I have not had problems with any stems, just make sure they are fitted right and not too tight,
Got and use everything from sub $10 - $100+ personally prefer four bolt fixings opposed to two, just feels like it clamps the bars more evenly.

Have done a lot of damage to quill stems but never managed to break any of the threadless ones, yet.

Just get whatever you can find that fits and looks good.

what the Wizard said. it’s pretty much just a bar of aluminium.
if anyone can honestly tell me there’s a major difference between a Thomson stem and a BBB stem i’d like to hear their opinion

You go faster because you’re carrying less weight…in your wallet!

But really, a good looking stem/post/headset etc just finishes the bike off nicely.

i’m using a bianchi pista stem i got off someone here for $10 (i think?). the only thing i notice between that and the old one is that it is a bit lighter.
what’s more important is the length and angle of the stem, which is a personal fit choice.

In general I’d agree with you, but I had a BBB stem a few years ago that was a total piece of shit. The threads were horrible and the clamp wasn’t quite 26.0mm. In all likelihood they’ve probably improved since then, but I probably wouldn’t buy another BBB stem.

your grandchildren will thank you.

edit: you don’t own a Thomson, you merely look after it for the next generation.

got an oval r700 on my bike and it probably wasn’t worth the money. as long as the length and angle are right for you, you shouldn’t have any problems. only good thing about the oval is that the screws go in from the opposite side to usual, so if you happen to strip the threads you only have to replace the clamp bit and not the whole stem. i think their cheaper stems have the same setup though.

BBB stuff is really hit and miss. Some of their stuff (water bottles, bartape!!!, and such) is excellent quality and excellent value. Some stuff like their cassettes are just shit shit shit.