Thursday nite ride - YEAH

Alright, anyone keen on a ride tonight?

I was thinking a drain loop to Federation Trail to something else and back to the city.

Or a crusie around town to some awesom coffee/Hot chocolate

Or a cruise to a museum session.

I am open to anything, i just wanna ride.

Garth what are you doing tonight. You should come along

Yep I’ll be free after 7:30PM…
You’ll have to check out my RISER BARS!! :evil: :evil:
Looks like Chrisof and yourself aren’t the only punkers in town anymore haha…

yep i’m in. just give me the whens and wheres.

Whens and Wheres:

Federation Square at about 6.30 to 7pm.

Ho…ratio give us a call when you are free and we can meet you punker, cant wait to see your bars, Chrisof told me all about it last night.


would have been so up for this, but am working at daft punk.

Oh life’s tough tickx3!
We’ll have a Brunetti’s Hot Choc for ya mate…

Do you work for Spotles Tick? I’m workin there both nights, life is tough eh? :evil:

I’ll be sinkin some hot choc in spirit peeps :smiley:

nah, the merch guys. i’m not sure if there will be 1 or 2 merch tents set up tonight. but i’ll be in one of them flogging ridicuously overpriced t-shirts. come say hi if you can. i’ll be the very unshaven guy being rude to customers :smiley:

i’m in for an easy paced ride and of course hot choc

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hot choc

Tonights the night I learn how to do a wheelie… thanks damoh.

Bring it on…

Drain loop ride to Museum for a session followed by a hot chocolate yeah!

Master the wheelies Session

Thursday arvo update… Great loop of the time trial course followed by good food! Currently at the ever great museum! Oh yeah :evil:

man technology these days…

Thanks for the sweet ride guys - great to meet you all. Hopefully i can head out again some time soon.

Great to have you along max, new faces are always welcome.

Will keep you posted with new rides