Ti coupler bike

too small for me - but looks okay?

Titanium Travel Road Bike Coupler Dura ACE Chris King S S Ritchey Breakaway | eBay

The sweet breakaway / S&S hybrid.

DT S&S for torque, ST Ritchey for weight savings.

^ Would that be awkward to pull apart? Seems like the S&S would need to go in one direction and the clamp in the other.

think of the clamp as two seatpost clamps, undo both and remove seatpost and the whole thing falls apart (after undoing the S&S of course)

Would love to know where they got the frame built! Bike for sale is too small…

^ Questions call adam on 0414 318 nine seven four.

Oh yeah. I thought it was sleeved in, but I get it now.

Not that I can afford another bike at the moment (my road SRM has died so needs to head across to NZ) but I might just do that for future reference…

How do you reckon the breakaway goes for strength at the st junction? It’s pretty reliant on seat post but I wouldn’t have thought its a very stressed part of the frame?

I really like the ritchey break away system for simplicity