Tim Costello Gets His Bike Back

Today’s Age, back page

Costello finally back on his bike after 15 years
Diary, November 17, 2008
WORLD Vision chief Reverend Tim Costello has always wondered what happened to his bike, which disappeared in 1990, perhaps even envisioning that it might turn up one day. The bike had sentimental value. It belonged to his father, Russell, a Methodist preacher who christened it Peter Pan after the Melbourne Cup winner, and gave it to Tim (below, right) when he was 12. Call it divine intervention because Costello received a call out of the blue last week from Wonthaggi’s Colin Granger: he had the bike. A stunned Costello’s first reaction was “My father will be pleased”, and 89-year-old Russell was — and amazed. Granger bought the bike 15 years ago and it was only when chatting about Costello to a pal recently that Granger mentioned the etching of Tim Costello’s name. The pal knew that Costello grew up in Blackburn and they put two and two together when seeing the logo of Rob’s Bike Shop. After Granger handed over the bike, Costello told Diary: “At some stage during my time at St Kilda Baptist Church the bike mysteriously went missing — it was presumed stolen. It’s in great working condition and I’m going to ride it around my home in Elsternwick.” Costello offered to pay Granger for the bike but he refused, only wanting a snap with the Reverend. What’s that World Vision motto? “Our vision for every child, life in all its fullness. Our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so.” And for bikes to find their way home.

There’s a pic but it’s pretty small…

To my untrained eye it’s a road frame with coaster brake and risers. Oh and a pretty robust looking basket on the front that looks a bit like a washing up rack. Probably enough room in there for a 6 pack - err sacrament for at least three parishes. :wink:

Keep yer eyes peeled and you might see him bombing the Elwood Canal