Time atac spring loose

Sorry if this has been covered somewhere. The springs on my left time atacs have started rattling around annoyingly and I’m wondering if anyone has a good fix (or can tell me how to adjust the tension to see if that helps). There’s maybe two to three mm of play and it’s making the pedal feel a bit shit (foot twists with power down etc). Pls and ty xoxo

i think screwing in/tightening the end cap on the pedal may help fix this. i had a problem when the cap unscrewed and fell out. you will need something like a circlip plier or pin spanner to fit the small holes in the cap. though my issue was more with looseness in the shaft of the pedal, so maybe not, there isn’t a lot of other things to go wrong though…

^I have the same problem, LAM. Endcap has come loose and fallen out somewhere along the way, and now the pedal shifts left and right on the spindle slightly. Did you ever manage to find a replacement end cap?

Solution to this problem interests me too.

I lost my end cap for my aliums while riding as well… would this be suitable? Time ATAC XS Axle Cap | eBay

yep that’s the one. would probably loctite or superglue it in, that’s what i did with zero -(if you have the skills now would be a good time to relube the shaft because most of the grease may have squeezed out) issues up till this point on the only clipless pedals i own. buy online unless your lbs has them in stock, cecil walker and the time distributor stuffed me round for months trying to get it in,

maybe a snapped spring, iv blown a few out on my work bike (cos im a fat kent), solution is knocking the pins that hold them in out with a nail or something and putting new one in. problem is its pretty darn hard to come by them, hence why i have kept all my old atacs for parts. with atacs not being made anymore its a good idea to snap up and pedals/parts you can now!

iv actually got one broken atm, totally forgot the other day when hopping up a gutter, pulled foot straight out, slammed front wheel straight into gutter :frowning:

if i remember ill tumblr a pic tomorrow to show ya what i mean.

it doesn’t list the aliums in the compatible list but it sure as hell looks like the alium end cap, should be fine yeah?