Time ATACs - Brakeless safe?

I’m having a braindead moment, it’s Time ATAC pedals that are suitable for fixed riding (no pull-out), right?

thems the ones.

yep. and they’re awesome.

I got woken up this morning by an unclipping incident with my times. too much kick out at the ankle and semi worn cleats = wild times coming down the top part of swanston.
bit of a coincidence that my cleats are being replaced tonight, but still very scary.
But otherwise its smooth sailing.

i just got my atacs the other day, they feel pretty damn secure compared to other clipless pedals i’ve used… i have a front brake and all but it feels secure when i skid.

solution = don’t sleep and bike

Cheers guys. I was about to order a set and suddenly started doubting myself.

i unclipped once, then i turned over my shoe, had a look at my cleat and realized it had just grinded down to some metal lump on my shoe. changed cleats, smooth sailing.

yeah, time atacs are good because you can’t pull out upwards.

Unclipped accidentally a few times when I didn’t engage my cleats properly, shat my pants… however all good apart from that…