* \ \ time crisis // *

Hey Everybody!

This Saturday Gear Brisbane and Urban Dwellers present TIME CRISIS.

It’s going to be one of the biggest and best alley cats we’ve seen for a while, this will take competitors from the starting point at Gear, as far east as Breakfast creek, west to Toowong, and all over the CBD, we’ve got plenty of support and prizes from Gear and also from Urban Dwellers, it’s going to be a cracker!


the race ties in nicely with this too…

there’ll be one manned checkpoint, it’ll be of interest to those not racing because it’s task based, so if you’re around and want to hang out with the lads, hit me up for details

Probs help out at manned checkpoint due to still being crippled, PM me deets and I’ll see if its viable.

Bummer cant do either of these things which both sound rad what a bummer stupid work

thanks to all who came along and made this a pretty good night, bonus time points proved the difference, DK finishing in a total of negative 3 minutes! #thankserik