Time shoes...

Just bought of ebay (very cheap)

Time road shoes… Claim to be 100% compatible with all pedal systems…

Tried to fit my SPD cleats to them last night… Looks like the 2 holes are slightly too far apart for the standard shimano SPD cleats I have… Am I missing something here?

Advice please?

Don’t time shoes have the Time bolt pattern on them?

So if you want to use non-Time cleats you need an adapter plate?

According to http://wiggle.co.uk/HTM/shoecompatibility.htm SPD should be the same as Time Atac…

But… The figure 8 shaped piece that holds the SPD cleat on the shoe has a narrower spacing than the Time shoes 2 bolt mount… The SPD cleat is wide enough for the time bolt spacing…

Do I need a different spacer? or should I use 2 washers? (Is this safe???)

I’ve never used the figure-8 shaped bit (That’s the thin metal ‘shim’ right?).

I’ve always bolted the cleat straight onto the shoe and I never had any problems with it.

But since I got onto Crank Brothers life is sweeter anyway :slight_smile:

^^^What he said.

Crank Bros SUCK the big one, I have mongrel time trying to clip into my fuck’n Candys. SPD anyday. Yes operator error is the problem but i’m not going to admit to that. :wink:

TIME pedals kick ass and goes on forever, not like that flimsy crank brothers stuff and their soft-as-butter cleats…

It sounds like those Time shoes might be the culprit. If they’re an MTB shoe, can’t you just change over the plate in the sole that the cleats bolt into? I have stacks of them lying around that I could donate if you’d like?

Oh, hang on, they’re road shoes… hmmm, maybe I can help, maybe not…

Road shoes are made for road pedals. Just get a pair of mtb race shoes if you want road shoe like stiffness. That or get road pedals.

Nothing personal to the people that run egg beaters, but I feel they are a ‘posser pedal’ for people who do not ride all that much as you have replace the cleats all the time. If that is your deal, that is cool. I have lost count of the number of times I have seen egg beaters fall apart at mtb races. Most of the time it on sponsored riders, so they just get another pair. If I had a deal like that, I would run them two. But that will never be the case, so I stick to my trusty SPDS. The big S got it right the first time. I know of a number of people who have returned to SPDS after trying egg beaters.

I still have my first pair of M535’s. Bought them in 1996 and they are still going strong!!

Yes, the SPDs last longer. I used to run a set. But they just rode like shit to me. The eggs just feel that much better. I don’t race so don’t have to worry too much about cleats wearing out.

Fix your feet to pedals with self tapping screws if you want.
If your fixed to the pedals, your fixed to the pedals.

I’ve never ridden a pair.
How do they feel different?

SPDs are the best value for money. I spose the plusses for Eggs are they’re light, they look cool, they’re easier to get into (I reckon), they look cool, they’re good in the mud. And they look cool.

I’m riding ndf’s Candy’s at the moment and I reckon they’re possibly better than the eggs, but I need a couple more rides.

So I gather they are easy to get into.
And they’re light.

any other reasons??

Easy to get out of as well. But that doesn’t mean the pedals don’t hold you in when clipped in. They do. They’re also self adjusting which I guess for me was what won me over from the SPDs.

With the SPDs it was hard to get a combination of “solid clipped in feel” and float, especially as the cleat wears down over time. The eggbeater design overcomes this. Hence my initial statement that SPDs ride like shit (for me). If SPDs work well for you, great.


However…if you’ve already got a bunch of bikes it’s expensive to change pedal systems, unless you’re happy to have multiple pairs of shoes, which is also quite expensive.

Good thing that when I changed over I only had the one bike.


However if you want a pedal that doesn’t eat cleats at an alarming rate, sheds mud, has a good amount of float, a very solid purchase on your cleats when clipped in (I have never pulled out of my Times), and doesn’t fall apart, then Time’s are the way to go. They are heavier, but are bulletproof as a result and will last forever.

This thread was originally about shoes, wasn’t it?.. :wink: