time to be more creative, kids.



weird thing is, we were just talking ridiculous shit about tandem alleycats last night. and that bit around 4.10 looks exactly like a tandem alleycat except carrying dudes on trailers. amazing.

Shotgun being trailer dude. I love it how he throws his hands in the air at the end, as if he’s done all the hard work.

it’s pretty crazy to think that there’s been nothing particularly revolutionary about bike designs since the mid 40s. tall bikes, rowing bikes, recumbents and upright/recumbent tandems.

Reminds me of something seen elsewhere - maybe the linkblog when some rocket scientist trendy design company ‘redesigned’ the bike with a vertical seat tube and no down tube. If it ain’t broke, don’t redesign it. [tinfoil]isn’t it funny how people keep redesigning the car, airbags everywhere for the seppos who won’t put their belts on, flat screen televisions in the back of the seats for the kiddies, yada yada[/tinfoil] … the bike is perfect, there hasn’t been any real need to improve anything on it. Oh except for the biopace chainring, talk about evolution … and Sheldon’s three leading one trailing p-p-powerspoke wheel lacing :slight_smile: