Time to go for a ride


The days are long, but getting shorter. The weather is warm, soon it’ll turn cold.
I propose getting together and making some connections and riding some bikes (all of the bikes are welcome). A simple loop of some description, possibly from the CBD to Two Birds brewery and then on to an eatery of some description and then wrap up back in the CBD? Circa 35km-50km all up

Sometime in the next two or three weeks. A Saturday or a Sunday, time flexible.
Who’d be interested?

Interested. #dadlyf may or may not interfere, but let’s see how we go.

Hop Nation is also down that way. cough Stomping Ground cough



Thinking maybe it’s get together at Docklands (soulless pit but big and expansive) before heading along the path out to Two Birds. Grab a beer and shoot the breeze. Then roll on to Altona for some fish & chips (or whatever) then loop back in to the city? Or head north? I know it’s a bit “Westish” but figured it’s a nice roll and starts from a central spot. If it works out, do another one later in the year and we’ll go east/south?

Definitely interested, and would try to get my gf on board too :slight_smile:

Not a forum regular but having upgraded from a 80s gaspipe, riding enjoyment+++ so have been trawling for others routes on here. l’d be keen

First weekend of March?

First weekend in March.
Saturday March 4th at noon in Docklands. Roll to Two Birds and have a beer. Roll to Williamstown or Altona and grab something to eat, then back along the paths to the city. That’s about as organised as I’d like to make it. See who turns up and the appetites on the day and adjust accordingly.

Bugger. Wife is working; kids to entertain. Have fun.

Dayummm, gf’s birthday winery tour :’(

So I’ve gone and done a magnificent job of being rubbish at calendars and dates.
I’ve triple booked myself for this event.
So I’m out. If others are still keen - get together, meet and go ride bikes!
Otherwise I’ll be trying this again on March 18th!

I’ll try do the 18th!

Alright y’all - are we on?

Em and I are in.

So I’m thinking of meeting here (see the map below and the RED STAR) around 12:00-12:30? Unless too early?
](Location | Luke Markof | Flickr)Location by Luke Markof, on Flickr[/IMG]

@Rolly - Steph would like to ensure you’re joining us tomorrow?

oh hai guyz.

frayed knot, i work saturdays… :confused:

Lovely little pedal to Two Birds with Em & LucWheat.
A+ weather, nice beers and food and the company was magnificent.
Will try and put together something on a monthly-ish basis to encourage more “made connections”

Sounds great, I’ll try and come