Tiny Merckx tourer / CX

Approved by Rolly

O bought this while pissed if anyone wants it let me know…

Haha it was on my watchlist but was hoping it would pass in and relist lower

Should be here tomorrow and I will get some accurate sizing info

wait, what did i approve?

i was tempted closer to the starting price, but the huge clearances didn’t really do it for me.

so, more cx or more tourer?


same one?

Eddy Merckx Corsa Cyclocross Randonneur Rahmen English Green Rarität Vintage TOP | eBay

The ad says it has a 55cm “und hat eine Rahmenhöhe”. Rahmen is german for noodle and hohe means their laughing at us.

If only it had eyelets on the front fork…