Tips needed

I will be in Adelaide next week and would need some tips what to do, what to see and where to eat. Will be down for 2 days from the 25th and will have a rental car. No fancy restaurants please, just good eateries for lunch, dinner, a cold one. We are planning to head into the hills and souroundings as well, so if there’s something we should look out for, please let me know. Never been down there and am really looking forward to it.

Also here until Tuesday. Bought my fixie with me.

Chainring Dan in town also. Got your sharpie?
I’m keen for a ride PMish with beers.

Shit totally forgot about the OP questions, sorry Marc.
TBH I wouldn’t be the most versed in Adelaide delights.

Just quickly, the essential beer visit is Wheatsheaf, I’m sure you’ve heard. If you want to get out a bit it can be worth heading out to Lobethal Beer House and surrounding towns Hahndorf/Birdwood though at this time of year not everything will be open.
Food in town I have no idea as I usually eat at the same places.
Best thing do to around SA is drive (or ride) and admire. Some beautiful places are not too far.
Pop up events/bars are generally good fun but not sure heaps of what’s on right now.

Kit, sing if you are have pub drinks unfolding in the next couple of days, I’ll come for a ride down.