Tips: Perfecting that start

So at training the other night I found I have a holding start that would put a sloth to sleep waiting for me to get on top of my gear

Any tips on actual start? feet position? hands, arms, hips, body and what they are all doing at what time

experiment with where you like your pedals to start. use your body weight, backwards and then immediately forwards as you start
dont throw the bike around side to side like you might on a roadie/fixed street, be smooth. accept that if you are pushing a real big gear it’s gonna take some time to get on top of it.
pay attention, so you know exactly when you are meant to go - this is the one i always get wrong

It’s going to take a long time to get o er a big gear, a whilewhole lap of dunc Gray might not even be enough. But it depends on the race. If it’s a two lap screamer, you should change your gearing. I never do this and get smoked in the short sprints, but if you go too small you’ll get a great start only to watch people fly past you after a lap and a half. Trial and error. Or just don’t bother and deal with getting smoked like me.

Using the banking of the track to help you get started too. Could always do gym or power jumps to improve strength / neuromuscular power.

^ Will so come in handy for my commute…

^ Shoal, man, shoal

Try and look at your eyebrows while biting your top lip.

But seriously. Where do you have the cleats situated on your shoes? How wide are your bars, and where do you hold them? There are too many variables to give worthwhile advice. Fortunately, standing starts are something that you can practice any damn place. Practice them leaving traffic lights and try to beat cars across the intersection. Or, trackstand and wait til a car passes you and SNAP chase it down. Having something to chase will make you work harder.
It won’t happen easily but kudos to you for wanting to do things properly. Learn a few basics early on and that will set you up well for your whole track riding life.

Just get the person holding you to give a little push

Don’t fart on the holder.

It also helps if you’re sandbagging 2 divisions lower than than you should be.

Shoet/steep hill repeats on a BMX. You look like a fucking idiot, but best strength/acceleration training out.

Or ignore lorday and fart on your holder for the extra propulsion.

Snap… Im moving up next week

Fuck me ha ha ha ha ha