Tire Change Front to Rear


My Corsas are significantly wearing faster on on the rear then they do on the front. With my old tires I didnt really notice that before but with these ones I do. Do you:

-change front to rear
-change both tires
-change just the rear
-ride as is until the rear tire is completely worn


Generally i ride it till the rear is cooked, replace the front with a newie, move the old front to the rear


^ Change front to rear, throw away old rear and buy new front.

Don’t ride with a worn front tyre.


^^ Only downside to running asymmetric tyre sizes


Easy. With tan walls and brakes when the rear need replacing I buy 2 new tires and keep the old front. When the second set’s rear wears out I replace it with the first set’s front. Keeps the ‘patina’ as close to even as you can.


It feels good to be understood. Sounds like the best plan so far.