Tire Cut

Got a flat on the rear this morning, needless to say that it happened when I was already soaking wet. Anyway, noticed thats its not a hole but rather a cut in my newish tire. Do you worry too much about cuts this size? I really don’t want to replace the tire as its pretty new and pretty expensive.

Nah, looks pretty small. Keep an eye it to make sure it doesn’t get any larger.

You can use Shoe-Goo to cover the hole if you’re worried

Stick a tube patch on the inside, I run corsa tyres and do it a fair bit.

yep, works for MTB tubeless tyres to.

Yeh all good, do the tube patch thing. Or five dollars if you’re a baller.

I did that and forgot about it, got another flat and the edge of the bill had worn through the tube! Got a rubbing of the queen on the inside of the tyre too.


Thanks folks.A $50 bill will do then, still only half the cost of replacing the tire.

Tube patch is a+ solution.