Tire pick up/pack/send

Hey dudes,

There’s a guy selling some Bruce Gordon RRs in Brunswick but he doesn’t want to post them to me. Can anyone help?
Will pay in craft beer/artisanal coffee/natural skin contact wine/etc funds!



I can.

See if he can drop them into the bar at Pope Joan (77 Nicholson St, East Brunswick) from 4pm tonight & I’ll post them tmrw…?


or I can pick them up in the next couple of days if he can’t do that, today is my Friday…

Ah yes, legend! He said 5:30 tonight?

Today’s also my friday - bike’s coming together this arvo!

5:30 is perfect, I should be the only person behind the bar as the others will be briefing/eating before service.

pm me your address & how you want them posted etc.

how much $$ am I giving him or have you paid him already?

Good work Rolly.

I told him to look for a gentleman with a red beard.
I’ll transfer him money at some point today, so don’t worry about that. His name’s Jaron, seems like a nice dude.

Melbourne FoA mafia rules!

Nice work #foamafia.

too easy, i’ll let the other staff know anyway, there’ll only be 3 of us tonight.

glad i could help.