To all who stare at monitors and spend hours a day listening to music -

Yes! Spotify kills it, suggested artists has opened my ears up to so much more good music!

Same here.

Has anyone gotten back into Pandora since they’ve made it available in Australia again? I used it heaps years ago and then they made it US only. Until now.

Pandora is good. Our IT dicks have blocked Spotify and Groove Shark

grooveshark seems to have a wider range of artists and more obscure/random stuff (eg lots more live bootlegs/live DJ mixes) whereas spotify seems to be more focused on commercially available music.

grooveshark does tend to use up a lot more memory/processing… is my favourite.

I have a paid subscription to spotify, can run the desktop client on my work pc. Pretty good catalogue, but the ads on the free version were killing me. Aimed at the average Australian male in his early 20s I suppose…

Have heard good things about Pandora and Grooveshark, not used. When not listening to music on Spotify i’m usually listening to one of 20-odd podcasts i subscribe to in Itunes.

Other options i use are Hypemachine and a few Australian and Dutch radio stations.

Also this USB audio interface:

and these Beyerdynamic closed cans:

contribute a lot to my well-being at work.

Been using MOG lately over my phone / computer / tablet.

I find it really good and the quality is top notch. Although it’s a bit unfair to compare because MOG is fully paid for whereas Pandora, Grooveshark have a free service which has ads etc. Haven’t compared those paid services to MOG yet.

i use mainly rdio (paid), but also a bit of spotify (free) and grooveshark (free).

i find i need to use them all to fill holes in their catalogues. i like rdio because you can simply add anything to your collection, so it’s like having all your albums online (unlike spotify where you have to create playlists for everything). grooveshark is also great for some rarer content, because grooveshark has user uploaded music.