To Rolls Royce, Rollyblader, #Rolo, Roby, RollyRollyRolly.

Just wanted to put up a public ‘Thank you and good luck’ to one of FoA’s finest as he prepares for the adventure of a life time.

It takes guts to do what Rolly has done - to want a change is one thing, but to seek and act on it is another. So good luck on the travels ahead buddy - soak in every second but remember to take a bit of time out every day just to appreciate it all. Enjoy the company of the many strange and interesting people who you will meet in the future - no doubt there will be hundreds of characters who will cross your path as people seem to be drawn to your wit/charm/red hair.

Instagram the sh!t out of it.

Yeah ROLLLLLLLLY! Wooooo… Spring Break!

awwww shucks, thanks ezy :slight_smile:


ps - will be instagramming the shit out of it.

latest news for those without instagram is that my mate ian’s friend pete has a place for me to live in bellingham for free and a truck i can borrow when i’m in town.

fuck. yes.

@rollyrollyrolly if anyone is interested.

Start a blog as well… “Rolly is not Robably”.

Roby, true or false, you just bought a setup like this and are living adventureginga life forever?

haha I wish!

I have been camping by a river that’s really full from the snow melt though, and each day it’s anywhere between 20 & 30 degrees, and I’ve done very little for the entire week.

I think that’s winning.

how much do you weigh now roby ?

Edited cos not mine to share, sorry roland!

Fuck - who cares, he is enjoying himself. You can always get rid of weight… you can’t always indulge.

haha as HMC said before politely editing his post, I’ve put on about 9-10kgs & have bought 36" shorts.

what a difference a year makes, I was wearing 32" jeans at my 30th!!

I’m a little annoyed at my lack of willpower with ALL OF THE FOODZ, but feelin ok about doin the work to lose it when I get back*

*knee permitting…

oh, and today I leave Jackson, WY & drive 6hrs north to stay with a couple I met for about an hour at my campsite last Wednesday. older couple, have a ranch, both have concealed carry guns but are super nice, have travelled, good conversationalists, I’m lookin forward to it.

I also have a feelin they’re loaded, but that’s just a hunch.

gonna see if I can shoot some guns (he has plenty).

hooray for random travels.

I hope you got married in a fever.

You’ll be fine … just wait till you hit the meth states :wink:

and that it was hotter than a pepper sprout.

And that you messed around?