To the women - Rapha 100 Women Ride

My girlfriend would love to be part of this but apparently there’s no space left for her in the one organised by Rapha here in Sydney. Does anyone know if theres a backdoor to get into that ride or is someone organising their own?

Give Danny at the cycle club a buzz, see if there’s a cancellation list. I’m thinking limitations might be due to the number of ride leaders available + catering at the end of the ride, not an exclusivity dick-move.

Get her to rock up to the friday womens’ rides which leave the shop at 5:45 or the wednesday general rides which leave the shop at 6. Some sundays will have a girls group at 6am where they either tag onto the general (read guys) bunch or do their own thing. Couple of ideas to help her get included…

My gf has been riding fixed with the roadies and has just got a roadie of her own now. The women in the bunch have been great in supporting/guiding/encouraging her.

Thanks mate, will let her know. She’s riding a lot or has been as she’s just recovering from a stress fracture due to wanting it too hard possibly (running) and was only allowed to ride on the trainer in the garage. The Rapha 100 would be a nice kick off for her to get back into things and on the road.

She’s on the waiting list now. Thanks again FlammableThinker!

Awesome to hear!