To those who don't use brakes.

I’m not sure exactly how to put this but i’ll try my best.
When we skid, we normally only skid on one side of the tire? (correct me if i’m wrong)
And normally when our tires get worn down we switch them with our front tire because the front barely has wear compared to the back.
But have any of you, just kept the pedals on a straight and turned the tire so (what was before on the ground) facing the sky?
And then, when all of the tire gets worn switch it with the front?
I’m not sure if this does work, but if it does then it will save twice as much as the normal way…
And also, some of you might already do this…

-also, although this bike is a ss(i’m thinking), its one of the only bikes i had when the pedals were level (which they’re still not ).

Not sure I get what you mean…like skip stops where you use all your skid patches around your tire as opposed to just skidding with your pedals in one position? Yes, I do that all the time.

i don’t put the rear tyre on the front when it’s worn.
worn/bald front tyres are a bad idea…

I would never put a worn tire on the front!
Could you imagine how hard it would be to control a front blow out at speed?

do you mean just rotate the wheel while the pedals are in the same position? so your skid patch is now on the top of the wheel?
i do this…

yeah, but tire not wheel (thinking you meant this)

Oh right, now I’m with you. Yes you can do this, but it only really works when you have a low number of skid patches. For example, I have eight, but they all blend into each other, it’s not like I have eight worn out bits.

but now if u rotate the tire (whilst keeping your pedals level) the patches are at the top and you have a clean tire.
Just like the other side of the pillow :smiley:

Identical post and timing Rolly!

Suit you Sir!!

one rotation of the tire doesn’t equal one full rotation of the cranks. (and vice versa)

i think that’s where you are getting it wrong.



i believe switching the foot you skid with also doubles your skid patches

jaseyjase is correct.

but luke what your talking about only works with 3 or less patch’s other wise they start to blend like pin20 said, and i also agree with rolly and azz on the bald tire on the front issue, i dont even use matching tires any way, Conti GP4000 FTW for front tires.

and instead of deflating your tube and moving the tire then pumping the tube back up why not just loosen off the rear wheel and move your cog 3 or 4 teeth?

or just run cheap rear tyres and keep replacing them

or, once again, you could use the search function.

I thought this thread sounded familiar…

i’m pretty sure it happened two weeks ago!

Use a brake.