To use the snap on chain joiner or not?

just got a new chain and just wondering if the easy joiner thing is strong enough for me to give it a punishing?


Yeah, they never really come undone.

Chears, i will bring on the snap on!

I was wondering the same thing only 2 weeks ago. I went for it as it was only on a single speed so chain break won’t be the tragedy it could be on a fixed gear.

Your more likely to have a chain break from incorrectly refitting a pin than with a master link.

How incorrectly could you possible fit a pin. Provided you’ve got the same amount poking out both sides and you haven’t abused the link by breaking it and joining it a number of times you are pretty much in the green aren’t you?

The plates can start to come away from the pin over time.


never had a joining link fail but have had a couple of pinned chains fail with messy consequences. some of the thinner (9&10sp) shitmano chains need extra special care with the joining pins.

Is that a result of using it incorrectly like not positioning the pin dead center or bending the plates when you break the chain.
Or is it just a result of narrowing out the pin when you force it out and back in again.
The point of the question being assuming you just do it once and not over and over again using a chain breaker is a pretty safe option right?

I had a master link stretch on me recently so I replaced it with a regular link. It was so annoying as it would half engage the teeth on the rear cog, then when another link found its way onto the cog it would snap into place making a horrible clunking noise. Izumi chain, but I wouldn’t get into a brand war about it as now it is running beautifully without the master link.