today was awesome

had coffee with a friend, bought some new jeans - no more chafing, went for a climb (not so great, only got up a 22 :oops:, but was good to be back on a rope), rode around lots in the afternoon, wandered past a gallery opening, rode all the way back to burwood.

that is all. just wanted to share.

22’s not bad

pretty advanced

Do not care.

I’m intrigued and can’t be bothered google’ing.

What’s a 22? What do they rate Kangaroo Point Cliffs in Brisbane? Explain please.

and can’t be bothered explaining it.

There’s international grading on climbs, ebank or ubank system or something like that goes 16 up to 34. 22 is about harder than most can climb. 32 is as hard as it gets at K Point. KP has from 16 to 32 there’s a climb at KP called Mission Impossible which is an 18 and Chip a hold away which is hard as at approx’ 26 if I recall. Europe uses some other system whereby examples such as 14c 16d are used to denote grade. Its been 15 years since I last climbed so don’t quote me for accuracy, My old climbing local was Norwa, best climbing anywhere.

My girl touched my weinor. Then I went for a ride and I got rained on… then the girl baked me some cake, then I ate it. I hope she will touch my weinor again later.

Good day.

Also do not care.

So why post at all then? ffs.

this topic has made me laugh the most so far

french climbing ranking goes in 3 ranks per number:
eg 5a 5b 5c 6a 6b 6c.

How else am I gonna let everyone know I don’t care


I too had an awesom ride to work today. Just one of those mornings with everything going right. Perfect morning weather, beautiful morning sunshine and light, the birds calling, the rivers flowing, not a car in sight for 15km on the bike track, and finishing off with a great morning coffee at Rosamond before work.

I hate today

today had it’s ups and downs.

early start - i don’t like mornings. boring as f#$k shoot today which went longer so i missed seeing house for rent.

bouldered a little bit. walked the friend’s dogs and am now trying to upload a 94mb file on a 6.5k/s connection. - need a new house with new internet connection…

Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day

lwheat: You didn’t have to use your AK?

AK?confused. long day with some stooopid beer.