Toe overlap


Shit day becomes a good day with that post.

This is by far the best image on the Internetz.

There’s a knack to cornering with having the opposite foot down and back, to the direction you’re turning, that will help somewhat.

If that makes sense!

take your outside foot off the pedal as you go around the corner.
then put it over your handlebars:

get shorter cranks if you can, but that size frame with track geometry will always have toe overlap.
you could try running a 650b front wheel, it will mess up the geometry but you’ll get more toe clearance and you will be cooler

^^ and probably barspin LIKE A CHAMP

Haha well played buddy!

yes, welcome to the forum. you’ll fit in here just fine.

Wow, 30 replies, thanks, but it doesn’t matter now, I’ve realised that Robbie McEwen suffered from the same problem and came up with the perfect solution.

Then it doesn’t matter which way the front wheel is turned. I should have that move nailed by Friday.